Increasing customer value
and focusing on
Profitable growth

Our team of automobile consultants in India helps clients in increasing customer value and focusing on profitable growth both at strategic and operational levels. Our clients range from leading two wheelers, passenger-cars and truck manufacturers, to agricultural and construction-equipment companies, as well as leading tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers.

The Indian automotive industry is expanding at a rapid pace on the back of rising domestic demand, as well as due to its advantages as a global sourcing hub. Automobile industry accounts for over 20% of the country’s manufacturing GDP and is expected to grow further, driven by the Government’s Automobile Mission Plan 2006–2016 and ‘Make in India’ program.

Over the last hundred years, vehicular mobility has been the engine that transforms society—but companies throughout the automotive industry still have much further to travel. Some of the most significant issues they’re facing are helping to create a cleaner world, improving safety by reducing traffic accidents, and making mobility more accessible and more equitable for all.

Our Approach to Working with the Automotive Industry

We are dedicated to helping transform today’s automotive leaders while empowering the game-changers of tomorrow. We believe that the key to a successful automotive strategy is the ability to reinvent and reshape the industry by quickly scaling and pivoting through new business models and ways of working—whether that means reengineering automotive R&D to embrace new automotive technologies, launching large-scale automotive digital transformation projects, or expanding into self-driving cars, mobility services, or other new businesses.

To help our automotive industry clients realize bold ambitions, we draw on a deep well of knowledge and experience and a global team of specialized automotive consultants.

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Electrification in automotive industry

Vehicle electrification is the process of powering the vehicle by electricity, replacing vehicle components that operate on a conventional energy source with components that operate on electricity.
The automotive industry is no stranger to evolution. This is evident from the string of emerging trends in the automotive industry over the years, the most prominent among them being the onset of the EV revolution.
Government of India (GoI) approved the National Mission on Electric Mobility. Hence considering huge market potential and aspiration of GoI to take leadership in enabling e- mobility in India, EESL has got directions from Ministry of Power to enter EV domain considering demand aggregation.

Sales & marketing in automotive

Although automotive sales dropped in the last couple of years due to the pandemic, demand is on the upswing again. In fact, some consumers who previously relied on ride-sharing and public transportation are planning to buy a car sometime this year.
Our powerful marketing solutions help you strategically target the right prospects at the right time to attract more qualified business with less spend.

We offer:

Auto Attribution and Measurement
Automotive Audience Targeting
Customer Data
Owner Validation
Innovative Automotive Resources
Automotive Customer Analysis

Smart parking solutions for automotive

Due to the increase in car ownership, it’s getting harder to find parking spots in densely populated areas. Searching for an available lot takes up potentially productive time, increases the number of cars circulating the roads, and introduces new challenges to the infrastructure.

As to the innovations that are already implemented in the field, here are the top smart parking applications that have already been or are set to be released in the near future.
The smart parking management system then provides high visibility displays, with the use of ceiling mounted sensors, which direct drivers to areas where spaces are available.

Smart parking solutions such as these offer operators numerous, significant benefits including:
1. Tracking cars with sensor systems
2. Smart counter systems
3. Automated parking systems
4. Control systems

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