Digital transformation, once a necessary journey, is now an urgent priority for consumer products brands. Starting with a deep understanding of your business—and the consumer products industry—we help you find the right use cases for developing the digital capabilities that power consumer-centric innovation.

Radical new distribution models. Activist investors. Acquisitive private equity firms. Consumers with little brand loyalty. This combination of challenges is forcing consumer products companies to meet high-performance benchmarks even as the playbook for success has been rendered obsolete. What’s needed: leaders who are all about growth and value and who can create and support bold new customer experiences to drive engagement. The industry’s traditional talent management strategies created in the last century have yet to catch up to this do-or-die reality.

We work closely with you to develop a personal understanding of the challenges you face. We help boards, CEOs, and talent management leaders both recruit and develop leaders who can create cultures of innovation and strategic risk-taking. Working with our colleagues around the globe in digital, retail, supply chain, and other practices, we can help you tap into a broad range of perspectives and talent pools to build truly creative teams. We look forward to partnering with you to turn challenge into opportunity.

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How We Assist Consumer Goods Companies in Planning for the Future

Retail Industry

Retail is a complex and fast-paced business undergoing a major transformation creating new opportunities and challenges.
We create scalable omni-channel digital experience platforms for leading retailers and brands. We are well known across the industry for establishing technology platforms and development infrastructures that enable companies to continuously innovate and delight their customers with advanced eCommerce features and superior shopping experiences.

Fashion Industry

Companies need to track competitive dynamics, regulatory changes and advances in technology in order to compete and thrive in their sector. They need to accelerate innovation, drive operational excellence, reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization. In order to successfully advise our clients across our services and solutions, an in-depth understanding of the industry is fundamental.
With our deep industry expertise and truly global reach, we can help you implement strategies to identify the next generation of retail leaders early and develop them to their full potential, or find the best-qualified leaders elsewhere, if necessary.

Luxury goods

Because the fashion business is rapidly expanding, there is a high demand for premium goods. People that work in this sector are enthusiastic about the fashion business and keep up with the current trends.
Companies know very well that the buyer of luxury products have a unique mindset. They are more financially strong and also able to spend a high amount of money if a luxury brand is popular.

Reasons to conduct luxury market research

  • Understand how well is your product compared to others.
  • To Gain insights into customers spending on luxury products.
  • How visitors behave on luxury products websites.
  • To decide the right price for your luxury product.
  • To learn what marketing and advertising strategies to use for products to convenience the customers.


Whether you have a role in an EHS department, handle investor relations, or are a CSR professional, we can match your sustainability needs with the expertise of one of our professionals. We help businesses at every part of the journey – from taking their first steps in developing an effective sustainability program to disclosing their ESG performance, and advising on sustainability initiatives that create value.

Digital Marketing

The digital revolution is reaching beyond simple ecommerce to recast business models and turn entire industries upside down. Success in the digital age requires proper analysis and planning. Critically assessing how digital trends will impact your market, customers, internal organization and supply chain is the first step in developing a clear strategy and transformation roadmap.

Our expertise includes:

  • Digital Ecosystem Audit and Assessments
  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Study of As-Is Marketing, Data Systems & Processes
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Marketing Technology Consulting

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