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Healthcare is most challenging since it is most important to people. Rising costs, different standards of quality and continuous emergence of new diseases has presented unprecedented challenges to healthcare payers as well as providers. Cost of healthcare is forcing healthcare providers to redesign plans conducive for growth. Discovery of new drugs is important for pharmaceutical players to survive and generic drugs are driving growth in emerging markets. Healthcare cost disparity between the developed and developing worlds is rising with new business models adopted by the emerging market healthcare providers that provide end to end healthcare services.

A foundational shift is under way in the global health space, thanks to continuous disruptions and groundbreaking innovations. Legacy organizations are embracing change, testing novel business models, and creating new opportunities. At the same time, new players from technology, consumer products, services, and other sectors are entering the enormous global health marketplace, unburdened by conventional business models.

In this new world of convergence, health systems in both established and emerging markets are seeking new ways to meet the demands of diverse populations. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to draw lines separating technology, science, and medicine. Information and technology-enabled consumers are also fueling change, disrupting traditional ties between life-science companies, providers, payers, and patients.

This means that companies need a new kind of leadership. Our Health Practice finds and develops leaders from across industries and geographies with the ability to catalyze change across an entire organization.

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Leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies are seeing the supply chain as an opportunity to improve service levels, e.g. same-day-shipment. More than any other industry, service is of the upmost importance. Any change must pass the strict regulatory requirements of a growing list of institutions. Medical Device consulting assumes an important role in this globalizing and fast-changing world.
We work on:

  • Systematic international partner company identification
  • Multi-step strategic portfolio analysis
  • Product acquisition target identification
  • Medical device dossier support
  • Product launch support


We provide consulting services to biopharma, medical device, cosmetics, and herbal organisations. We aspire to Provide Timely, Accurate and Transparent Critical Business Support to Healthcare Industry.

  • Structure and conduct individual project tasks including detailed research and analysis using a variety of data sources.
  • Compile findings into concise and meaningful insights and recommendations that demonstrate a clear understanding of project objectives.
  • Work interactively with your project teams to share insights, incorporate feedback and evolve analysis and deliverables.
  • Clearly communicate findings and insights verbally and in well-designed PowerPoint slides that tell a clear and compelling story.
  • Interact with and manage third-party vendors.
  • Work on a team in a highly collegial and collaborative environment .


Our team of health management consultants provides insightful solutions to complex challenges facing the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our dedicated consultants utilise best-practice methodologies to determine the right path forward for our clients, drawing on their in-depth understanding of health management.


We can help you increase market share in flat-growth areas, construct and buy into new, high-growth markets, reduce your Medical Loss Ratio, use analytics to extract significant insights from your data, improve member experiences, and boost automation.

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