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Procurement and sourcing

Sourcing and procurement are two affiliated processes that are frequently talked about interchangeably. But much like a set of halves, just because they look and sound analogous doesn’t mean they’re the same.

What’s Procurement?

Let’s take a look at procurement first as it’s the overarching process that contains sourcing. Procurement is a process that affects the force chain from end-to- end. Indeed though further businesses are beginning to take procurement more seriously, it still doesn’t admit the recognition it deserves among the other pieces of a successful force chain.
Procurement is the process of placing purchase orders with each of the suppliers, getting order evidence, following up with suppliers until accoutrements are delivered, and also icing the accoutrements are paid for.

What’s Sourcing?

Sourcing is the stage that comes before any purchases are made and can be considered a subsection of the procurement department and a crucial part of the procurement function. Before you can land accoutrements from your suppliers, you must first find and vet those suppliers. When you have an effective strategic sourcing process in place, you ’ll find dependable, affordable, and quality suppliers to supply the goods you need.

When new procurement requirements are linked frequently new suppliers will need to be sourced. A sourcing strategy concentrated on chancing the stylish suppliers, negotiating favorable payment terms, and maintaining good supplier connections with your crucial providers can give you a competitive advantage lay the root for earning the goods and services your company needs.

We can help you in the sourcing of more than 30,000 different commodities and products across the globe. Some of the great commodities are Agro foods, Gold, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Copper, Aluminum, Silver, Real estate, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Agro Foods





Precious Stones

A Client Story

Our family of industry experts, leaders and business partners in this domain have been achieving great heights in domestic as well as International markets. In past 20+ years we have identified various products across the globe that are quite valuable and useful for companies and individuals. We have over 100+ business partners across the globe to fulfill your requirements for any kind of product you are looking for in the countries that we are present.

In 2019, during covid second wave, a Pharmaceutical company was short falling of few items required in a PPE and with the same specs and certifications. We stepped in to help them find the best cost efficient products across 3 countries including India and managed to fulfill their requirements with the stipulated time period. So when in an emergency like situation we could manage to complete our tasks given with happy customers, we feel proud of our team and business partners who trust us with their business which helps them save money and time along with best quality products.

Meet Our Procurement Experts

Pankaj Kayathwal
Pankaj KayathwalCo-founder and Managing Director
Pankaj Kayathwal is the Co-founder and Managing Director at Incredo Business Private Limited. He has a rich experience of over 40 years in various business verticals including Sales, Marketing, Government Relations, Sourcing, etc working along various industries. He has worked at the senior management level with large corporates like Eureka Forbes, Pertech Computers Limited (PCL), SpiceNet, LG Electronics India, etc. He is one of the pioneers of Compu-Tech evolution in India and is widely connected with numerous classic and well-known leaders and experts in distinguished industries. A St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta Alumini and very instrumental in developing several new products and techniques in the industry. Pankaj is a qualified Independent Director and a selfless social worker who has devoted much of his leisure time towards service to society in numerous areas of social development, capacity building, Healthcare and inclusion. Pankaj emits a strong will power to take up challenges and motivate the team from the front.
Aakaash Kayathwal
Aakaash KayathwalCo-founder and Director
Aakaash Kayathwal is the Co-founder and Director, Business Development at Incredo Business Private Limited. He has over 8 years of experience working along with early stage Startups and building strategies focused towards growth and development. At an early age, Aakaash wanted to solve complex problems in the society around sustainability and environment. He is a very energetic individual and always passionate to build something from the scratch and take it to the next level. Aakaash is a social person who likes to learn about people, cultures and new disruptive technologies that can empower the organizations to create an impact in the society. He performs task based activities with high solidarity and effectiveness mostly in the areas of Business Strategy, Partnerships, Sales and Marketing.

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