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A business strategy is a set of competitive moves and conduct that a business uses to attract guests, contend successfully, strengthening performance, and achieve organisational pretensions. It outlines how business should be carried out to reach the asked ends.

It’s the backbone of the business as it’s the roadmap which leads to the asked pretensions. Any fault in this roadmap can affect in the business getting lost in the crowd of inviting challengers.
A business ideal without a strategy is just a dream. It’s no lower than a adventure if you enter into the request without a well- planned strategy.

With the increase in the competition, the significance of business strategy is getting apparent and there’s a huge increase in the types of business strategies used by the businesses. Then are five reasons why a strategy is necessary for your business.
Planning Business strategy is a part of a business plan. While the business plan sets the pretensions and objects, the strategy gives you a way to fulfil those pretensions. It’s a plan to reach where you intend to.

Strengths and Weakness

Utmost of the times, you get to know about your real strengths and sins while formulating a strategy. Also, it also helps you capitalise on what you ’re good at and use that to overshadow your sins (or exclude them).


When every step is planned, every resource is allocated, and everyone knows what’s to be done, business conditioning come more effective automatically.

Competitive Advantage

A business strategy focuses on capitalising on the strengths of the business and using it as a competitive advantage to position the brand in a unique way. This gives an identity to business and makes it unique in the eyes of the client.


It also decides the path to be followed and interim pretensions to be achieved. This makes it easy to control the conditioning and see if they’re going as planned.

Types of strategies

Commercial position strategy

Commercial position strategy is a long- range, action- acquainted, integrated and comprehensive plan formulated by the top operation. It’s used to ascertain business lines, expansion and growth, appropriations and combinations, diversification, integration, new areas for investment and divestment and so forth.

Business Position strategy

The strategies that relate to a particular business are known as business- position strategies. It’s developed by the general directors, who convert charge and vision into concrete strategies. It’s like a design of the entire business.

Functional position strategy

Developed by the first- line directors or administrators, functional position strategy involves decision making at the functional position concerning particular functional areas like marketing, product, mortal resource, exploration and development, finance and so on.

A Client Story

We have recently added Business Strategy as a service to our domain with classic and distinguished industry experts and leaders who help and guide Startups and Small Medium Enterprises to solve their managerial greviences and complex organizational problems strategically.
Our experts come with more than 30 years of rich experience with different organizations in different industries and world market.

One of our clients from USA who wanted to enter Indian Market was strategically advised and guided by our Business Strategy leaders to build up the infrastructure and organization from the scratch along with the market analysis for their products and setting up their headquarters here in India.

Meet Our Strategy Expert

Aakaash Kayathwal
Aakaash KayathwalCo-founder and Director
Aakaash Kayathwal is the Co-founder and Director, Business Development at Incredo Business Private Limited. He has over 8 years of experience working along with early stage Startups and building strategies focused towards growth and development. At an early age, Aakaash wanted to solve complex problems in the society around sustainability and environment. He is a very energetic individual and always passionate to build something from the scratch and take it to the next level. Aakaash is a social person who likes to learn about people, cultures and new disruptive technologies that can empower the organizations to create an impact in the society. He performs task based activities with high solidarity and effectiveness mostly in the areas of Business Strategy, Partnerships, Sales and Marketing.

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